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Gloss and structure sensors
GLAST Series

                 Reflective method                                      Through-beam method

Inline sensors of the GLAST series primarily are used for the inspection of highly reflecting surfaces (e.g. stainless steel panels, aluminum sheets, painted surfaces, plastic films) and transparent objects (films, glass plates, plexiglass plates).

A projection lens projects a line grid onto a line detector with the help of the object to be inspected, which functions as a more or less optimal mirror. Transparent objects are placed close to the line grid, which again is projected onto a line detector by a projection lens. In both cases the quality of the object determines the quality of the video signal at the line detector.

The reflective method operates at an angle of 30° (respectively 45°) each of the optical axes of the transmitter and receiver branch from the vertical, whereas in the through-beam method the object to be inspected stands vertically to the optical axis of the transmitter-receiver setup. In both cases the transmitter-receiver distance is approx. 135 mm.

Three different line grids are available in each case (0.5m/0.5mm, 1.0mm/1.0mm, and 2.0mm/2.0mm).


Participation at trade fairs:

European Coatings Show 2023
28-30 March 2023
Messe Nürnberg (Germany)


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New applications:

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Software news:

SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.5 (2021.10.20)



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