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Looking for the optimal solution for your application?

We develop and produce laser sensors and optoelectronic sensors in the IR, visible, and UV range. We provide complete measuring technology solutions.

Most of our sensors come with an easy-to-use PC software that considerably facilitates evaluation. The sensors are used for the inspection and measurement of physical values such as distance, thickness, position, color, gloss, as well as spray density, contrast, fluorescence, and polarisation.
Our extensive range of products includes sensors for:

- True color sensor (SPECTRO-3 series)
- Color sensors (SI-COLO series)
- Contrast sensors (SPECTRO-1 series)
- 2-channel sensor systems (SPECTRO-2 series)

- Laser analog light barriers (A-LAS series)
- Laser compact light barriers (C-LAS series)
- Laser digital light barriers (D-LAS series)
- Laser fork light barriers (F-LAS series)
- Laser line sensors (L-LAS series)
- Laser miniatur light barriers (M-LAS series)
- Laser reflective light sensors (R-LAS series)

- Color-gloss and structure sensors (COAST series)
- Fork light barriers with integrated amplifier (FIA series)
- Frame light barriers (FLB series)
- Gloss and structure sensors (GLAST series)
- Gloss detection sensors (GLOSS series)
- Laser copy counters (LCC series)
- Laser edge detectors (RED series)
- Gloss detection sensors (RLS-GD series)
- Spray jet control systems (SI-JET series)
- Trigger light barriers (TLB series) 
Product marking and product tracking
- Compact hand-held units for easy product checking
   on the way (LUMI-MOBILE series)
- Laboratory measurement systems for detailed analysis
   of product markers (LUMI-LAB series)
- Inline detectors for automated checking of
  product markers during the production process
   (LUMI-INLINE series)

- Fiber optics and optical frontends (FIO series)
- Plastic fiber optics (POF series)
- Various sensor accessories (connecting cables,
   mounting units, reflectors, etc.)

plus of course our very special passion, the
This section shows some of our special sensor systems
that were especially developed or made as modifications
of our standard sensors in order to specifically solve an individual task. True to our guiding principle:
"Let's make sensors more individual.“

We will be pleased to provide advice and to
receive your request!


We exhibit:

sps smart production solutions
Nuremberg, Germany
26-28 November 2019


Highlights of the K 2019


New press release:
Tracking the Invisible


New videos:
Demo counting transparent plastic covers with SPECTRO-1-CONLAS and A-LAS-N-F16-...
Demo product authentication with LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS
Demo leather marking with LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR


New applications:
Application News N°639-641
Welding line detection on stainless steel tubes (N°639)
Welding line control on stainless steel tubes (N°640)
Inline-control of welding lines in stainless steel tubes (N°641)


Important notes about
software updates:


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