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Looking for the optimal solution for your application?

We develop and produce laser sensors and optoelectronic sensors in the IR, visible, and UV range. We provide complete measuring technology solutions.

Most of our sensors come with an easy-to-use PC software that considerably facilitates evaluation. The sensors are used for the inspection and measurement of physical values such as distance, thickness, position, color, gloss, as well as spray density, contrast, fluorescence, and polarisation.
Our extensive range of products at a glance:

Individual sensor systems  

•  Laboratory measurement system for determining the time
   constant of pellets provided with markers
   (TAU-LAB-READER series)
•  Laboratory measurement system for determining the
   color (fluorescence) of colored pellets (pellets provided
   with markers
   (COLOR-LAB-READER series)
•  Laboratory spectrometer for measuring the color
   (fluorescence) of colored pellets (pellets provided
   with markers)
Color control and color measurement  

•  Contrast sensors
   (SPECTRO-1 series)
•  2-channel sensor systems
   (SPECTRO-2 series)
•  Color sensors
   (SPECTRO-3 series)

Counting and triggering  

•  Laser digital light barriers
   (D-LAS series)
•  Laser fork light barriers
   (F-LAS series)
•  Fork light barriers with integrated amplifier
   (FIA series)
•  Frame light barriers
   (FLB series)
•  Laser miniatur light barriers
   (M-LAS series)
•  Laser edge detectors
   (RED series)
•  Trigger light barriers
   (TLB series) 
Surface inspection and counting  

•  Color-gloss and structure sensors
   (COAST series)
•  Gloss and structure sensors
   (GLAST series)
•  Gloss detection sensors
   (GLOSS series, RLS series)
•  Spray jet control systems
   (SI-JET series, SPECTRO-1-JC series)
•  Contrast sensors
   (SPECTRO-1-FIO series)
•  2-channel sensor systems
   (SPECTRO-2-FIO series)
•  Sensors for the mid wavelength infrared light range (MIR)
   (SPECTRO-M series)
Service and engineering

•  Special software
•  Repairs
•  Calibration
•  On-site service
•  OEM products
•  Engineering models
•  Training
Distance measurement and positioning  

•  Triangulation sensors
   (L-LAS-LT series)
•  Reflected light line sensors
   (L-LAS-RL series)
•  Transmitted light line sensors
   (L-LAS-TB series)
•  Line camera sensors
   (L-LAS-CAM series)

Dynamic distance measurement and dynamic positioning 

•  Laser analog light barriers
   (A-LAS series)
•  Modulatable laser analog light barriers
   (A-LAS-N series)
•  Contrast sensors
   (SPECTRO-1-CONLAS series, SPECTRO-1-FIO series)
•  2-channel sensor systems
   (SPECTRO-2-CONLAS series, SPECTRO-2-FIO series)
Product marking and product tracking  

•  Laboratory measurement systems for detailed analysis
   of product markers
   (LUMI-LAB series)
•  Inline detectors for automated checking of
   product markers during the production process
   (LUMI-INLINE series)
•  Compact hand-held units for easy product checking
   on the way
   (LUMI-MOBILE series)
•  Contrast sensors
   (SPECTRO-1 series)
•  2-channel sensor systems
   (SPECTRO-2 series)
•  Color sensors
   (SPECTRO-3 series)
•  Taggant Technology TAGTEC
    inside Masterbach
•  Taggant Technology LUMI-TAG®
    inside lacquer, paste, ink, glue, solvent, pure for glass

Fiber optics and accessories  

•  Fiber optics and optical frontends
   (FIO series)
•  Plastic fiber optics
   (POF series)
•  Various sensor accessories
   (connecting cables, mounting units, reflectors, etc.)



Participation at trade fairs:

23-25 November 2021
BolognaFiere (Italy)

1-2 December 2021
Brabanthallen - 's-Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)

all about automation Friedrichshafen 2022
8-9 March 2022
Messe Friedrichshafen (Germany)


What is ...
... surface tension?
... oil evaporation?
... oil layer thickness


New applications:

Plastic film thickness measurement
(N° 789)
Gloss measurement of synthetic floorings
(N° 790)

Presence control of a flask inside a medicine pack
(N° 791)


New press releases:

Inline spray jet control outside and inside the potentially explosive atmosphere!
(SI-JET series, SPECTRO-2 series, SPECTRO-1 series, L-LAS-TB-AL-SC
Inline gloss measurement of painted wooden panels
(GLOSS series)


New videos:

"Danke für die Optoelektronik"
(Thanks for the optoelectronics)
"Bewirb Dich jetzt!"
(Apply now!)


Software news:

SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.5 (2021.10.20)


Trade fairs:

all about automation 2022
8 & 9 March 2022
Messe Friedrichshafen



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