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Fiber optics and accessories

Welcome to Sensor Instruments
"Fiber optics and accessories"
Our high-quality fiber optics and optical frontends of the FIO series today are used in almost all the product ranges of Sensor Instruments.

Convince yourself of our wide selection of reflective, through-beam, and special fiber optics and optical frontends, and find information on their versatile use. The "FIO" identifier in our product names (e.g. SPECTRO-3-FIO-JR) indicates that this sensor type is suitable for using fiber optics.
In addition to fiber optics and optical frontends you also can find other accessories for our sensors here such as connecting cables, mounting devices, blast air tops, calibration units, spacers, and many other products.



We welcome our new sales partner for Nigeria:


New applications:

Color measurement of lacquered aluminum plates
(N° 768)
Color control of light pipes
(N° 769)
Gloss measurement of sandpapers
(N° 770)


New press releases:

Inline spray jet control outside and inside the potentially explosive atmosphere!
(SI-JET series, SPECTRO-2 series, SPECTRO-1 series, L-LAS-TB-AL-SC
Inline gloss measurement of painted wooden panels
(GLOSS series)


New videos:

Video presentation:
SPECTRO-M series -
Oil detection
Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/USB or cab-5/USB
Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/ETH or cab-5/ETH


Software news:

SPECTRO2-Scope V1.7
Changes after software update from V1.6 to V1.7
(N° 23)


Trade fairs:

all about automation 2021
6 & 7 July 2021
Messe Friedrichshafen



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