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Product authentication through appropriate markers - precise and color independentProduct authentication through appropriate markersuktauthentifizierung und Sicherheitsaspekten durch geeignete Marker oder sogenannte Taggants.Sicherstellung von Produktauthentifizierung und Sicherheitsaspekten durch geeignete Marker oder sogenannte Taggants.ktauthentifizierung und Sicherheitsaspekten durch geeignete Marker oder sogenannte Taggants.
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Our sensors are always supplied with the latest available version number of the corresponding software (unless otherwise expressly desired).


10/2019: Highlights of K 2019:
Taggant Technology Series and LUMI-STAR Series

powered by Gabriel-Chemie

A product line that enables information to be generated in plastics:
Individual DNA, a signature for identity like a fingerprint

Product authentication and any security concerns are ensured by appropriate markers or so-called taggants

Product authentication through appropriate markers - precise and color independent

02/2019: RED-Scope V1.1 (2019.02.28)to the software
for use with sensors of RED series
New: Interface converter for ProfiNet and EtherCat

03/2018: COAST-Scope V1.0 (2018.03.12)to the software
for use with sensors of COAST series
02/2018: SPECTRO-3-MSM-ANA-Scope V3.1 (2018.02.02)to the software
for use with sensors of SPECTRO-3-MSM-ANA series
Please note: There is no software update possible from V1.x or V2.x to V3.1
→ General information on changes SPECTRO3-MSM-ANA-Scope V3.0 to V3.1

SPECTRO-3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.3 (2018.02.02) to the software
for use with sensors of SPECTRO-3-MSM-DIG series
→ General information on changes SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.2 to V1.3
11/2017: L-LAS-TB-Scope V5.1 (2017.11.16)to the software
for use with sensors of L-LAS-TB-AL series

L-LAS-LT-Scope V5.2 (2017.11.08) to the software
for use with sensors of L-LAS-LT-AL series

L-LAS-LT-Scope V4.0 (2017.11.02) to the software
for use with sensors of L-LAS-LT series and L-LAS-LT-XXL series
08/2017: SPECTRO2-Scope V1.4 (2017.08.21) → to the software
for use with sensors of SPECTRO-2 series
06/2017: SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.2 (2017.06.06) → to the software
Software update possible from V1.x to V1.2
→ General information on changes SPECTRO3-MSM-DIG-Scope V1.1 to V1.2

SPECTRO3-MSM-ANA-Scope V3.0 (2017.06.06) to the software
Please note: There is no software update possible from V1.x or V2.x to V3.0
→ General information on changes SPECTRO3-MSM-ANA-Scope V2.8 to V2.9
→ General information on changes SPECTRO3-MSM-ANA-Scope V2.9 to V3.0

SPECTRO-3-ANA-Scope V2.0 (2017.06.13) to the software
Please note: There is no software update possible from V1.x to V2.x
→ General information on changes SPECTRO3-ANA-Scope V1.4 to V2.0
06/2017: We welcome our new sales partner for Central America:

The company Elvatron based in San José, Costa Rica, represents us as of now
in Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Belize. We look forward to a pleasant and successful cooperation.
06/2017: Our sales partner for Colombia, company Solcoinco

is now our sales partner for also Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela as well as the Dominican Republic. We are delighted about this expansion and look forward to a pleasant further cooperation!
New product range:
Individual Sensor Systems
Customer-Specific Complete Solutions

Presented at the AUTOMATICA ...

06/2016: New firmware available (please ask if required):

for SPECTRO3-Scope V4.4
Firmware_Files_Spectro3_V3.x_To_Spectro3_V4.4 (2016.05.30)
Firmware_Files_Spectro3_V4.x_To_Spectro3_V4.4 (2016.05.30)

for SPECTRO3-SL-Scope V1.3:
Firmware_Files_Spectro3-SL_V1.x_To_Spectro3-SL_V1.3 (2016.05.30)

for SPECTRO3-SLA-Scope V1.1:
Firmware_Files_Spectro3-SLA_V1.x_To_Spectro3-SLA_V1.1 (2016.05.30)

for SPECTRO3-SLE-Scope V1.1:
Firmware_Files_Spectro3-SLE_V1.x_To_Spectro3-SLE_V1.1 (2016.05.30)

for SPECTRO3-ANA-Scope V1.4:
Firmware_Files_Spectro3-ANA_V1.x_To_Spectro3-ANA_V1.4 (2016.05.30)

for SPECTRO2-Scope V1.3:
Firmware_Files_Spectro2_V1.x_To_Spectro2_V1.3 (2016.06.03)
Sensor Instruments is a member of the IO-Link Community

What is IO-Link?
IO-Link is the first standardised IO technology worldwide (IEC 61131-9) for the communication with sensors and also actuators. The powerful point-to-point communication is based on the long established 3-wire sensor and actuator connection without additional requirements regarding the cable material.
So, IO-Link is no fieldbus but the further development of the existing, tried-and-tested connection technology for sensors and actuators.
IO-Link therefore - so to speak within the scope of Industry 4.0 - is another possibility of communication between sensor and end device in addition to the familiar RS232 interface.

Find here the IO-Link system description.

09/2015:    New software „SensorFinder“

“SensorFinder” is a software tool intended to provide support to search and identify sensors of SensorInstruments GmbH connected to the local PC. The sensors identity, its firmware and its connection parameter are acquired and presented in a compact and well-arranged tree-view.
("SensorFinder" is available for download here.)

Furthermore adapters of the type cab-4/ETH, cab-5/ETH, cab-4/USB and cab-5/USB can be located and configured.
The main panel which appears when the software is started, features the tree view listing the identified connections available and their individual characteristics:
The search for available sensor connections is started with the Re-)Search ① button or by Menu ④ ⇒ Sensor (Re-)Search. Depending on the configuration of the SensorFinder software (to be found at Menu ④ ⇒ Settings) the PC‘s physical RS232 interfaces („COM-ports“), the USB adapters of type „cab-4/USB“ and „cab-5/USB“, which are treated as virtual COM ports, as well as – if a network is available – all adapters of type „cab-4/ETH“ and „cab-5/ETH“ within the network segment the host PC is on are detected. Every connection found is probed by the SensorFinder software for presence and activity of sensors whose serial number, firmware version and hardware-ID is read and displayed together with the connection details.
The combined information is displayed in a hierarchical Tree view ③, segmented into the individual connection types (network, virtual COM ports, physical COM ports). Individual sensors/connections are selected by clicking left with the mouse onto the device. A left double click resets and clears the tree view. Once the connection is selected its relevant connection parameter (IP address and port number with Ethernet based connections or COM port number and baud rate with virtual or physical COM ports) are displayed in two textboxes at the lower part of the panel. Using one of the two Copy buttons ⑥ may be used to transfer this information into the systems clipboard. By using the key combination STRG+V it can be inserted into e.g. the input field of the sensor software connection parameter.
To be able to change the connection settings (e.g. the network settings of „cab-4/ETH“ and „cab-5/ETH“ type adapters) the adapter needs to be found and identified correctly (i.e.: it needs to be listed correctly within the tree view). Once selected within the tree view the configuration can be started by clicking the button Configure … ② by Menu ④ ⇒ Sensor Configure … which displays the relevant configuration mask (see configuration ⇒ cab-4/ETH, cab-5/ETH).
The software does not access the connections permanently! Once the identification process is finished the software remains passive until a new search is initiated or the software is shut down by clicking the button Exit ⑤ or by Menu ④ ⇒ Sensor Exit or by clicking the window close button in the right upper corner of the main panel. So it is possible to leave the software running in the background – without it having influence on any sensor software – to have all sensor connection data ready at hand.
05/2015: New product driver version available

For our products (e.g. the USB cable "cab-4/USB" or "cab-5/USB") we recommend to use the new driver software ("Self Installing Executable") which is available for download here.

With the “cab-4/USB” or “cab-5/USB” converter many of our sensors can be connected via the widespread USB interface of the PC. Parameterization thus can be done even if there is no RS232 interface available at the PC.

How to download the driver software „Self Installing Executable“ can be found in the data sheets cab-4/USB or cab-5/USB.



We exhibit:

sps smart production solutions
Nuremberg, Germany
26-28 November 2019


Highlights of the K 2019


New press release:
Tracking the Invisible


New videos:
Demo counting transparent plastic covers with SPECTRO-1-CONLAS and A-LAS-N-F16-...
Demo product authentication with LUMI-STAR-MOBILE-BL/OR-POL-IOS
Demo leather marking with LUMI-INLINE-SL-IR/IR


New applications:
Application News N°639-641
Welding line detection on stainless steel tubes (N°639)
Welding line control on stainless steel tubes (N°640)
Inline-control of welding lines in stainless steel tubes (N°641)


Important notes about
software updates:


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