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Laser reflected light edge detectors
RED Series


With the RED series, reflected light edge detectors that are able to reliably detect edges starting from a height of 0.03mm are now available. The detectors of this series are characterised by their large detection distance and detection range, and by their high scan frequency of max. typical 100kHz. With comprehensive software algorithms the RED series also can be used for frequency measurements, for example of turbochargers or fans. RED detectors furthermore can be used to monitor the number of wires when cables are twisted in stranding machines.

Originally developed as copy counters for the printing industry, RED series detectors now have a multitude of other possible applications, e.g. welding seam detection, production of folded paper for air filters, production of corrugated aluminium pipes, or counting of caps that are arranged in stacks. A special detector version within the RED series also allows the detection of rising and falling edges.

For a detailed description of the RED reflected light edge detectors please click here:
RED - New generation of reflected light edge detectors

For a detailed description of the special detector RED-CLS-60-L, which also supports the detection and differentiation of rising and falling edges, please click here:
RED-CLS-60-L - Reflected light edge detector for band detection


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Empack Utrecht 2020
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New applications:

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New press release:

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Software news:

SPECTRO1-Scope V3.1
Changes after software update from V3.0 to V3.1



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