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Sensors for the mid-wavelength infrared light range (MIR)

The sensors of the SPECTRO-M series are especially suited to measuring the thickness of thin oil or plastic layers on metal surfaces. They can measure layer thickness from 0.1µm. After the washing procedure of blanked and flexible parts it is necessary to check whether the cutting oil applied to the parts to facilitate the punching was removed entirely by the cleaning process. The test ink method using the properties of surface tension is often used to perform random checks; a component is usually taken as being clean once it presents a surface tension of 38mN/m and above.

Using the Windows® software in conjunction with the SPECTRO-M series, it is possible to measure the thickness in µm and the surface tension in mN/m. Sensors from the SPECTRO-M series can measure the thickness of thin transparent plastic films. The tension of stretch films can be checked; the thickness of a film can also be measured INLINE i.e. during its production.

SPECTRO-M-10-MIR Inline control of thin oil layers on metal:

The MIR measurement procedure deployed in the SPECTRO-M sensors was developed by Sensor Instruments in order to measure very thin organic layers on metal surfaces. As such, SPECTRO-M sensors are highly suited to the detection and inline control of thin oil films on metal.  more...


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New applications:

Defect recognition on saw blade discs
(N° 777)
Differentiation of leather and synthetic interior components
(N° 778)
Color-gloss control of lacquered metal sheets
(N° 779


New press releases:

Inline spray jet control outside and inside the potentially explosive atmosphere!
(SI-JET series, SPECTRO-2 series, SPECTRO-1 series, L-LAS-TB-AL-SC
Inline gloss measurement of painted wooden panels
(GLOSS series)


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SPECTRO-M series -
Oil detection
Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/USB or cab-5/USB
Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/ETH or cab-5/ETH


Software news:

Changes after software update from V3.2 to V3.3
(N° 24)
Changes after software update from V1.4 to V1.5
(N° 25)


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