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Lightning Speed Plus Pinpoint Accuracy.
Distance Measurement with the Compact
Laser Triangulation Sensors L-LAS-LT-SL.

Laser Triangulation Sensors

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Team Performance.
Networked Sensors, Control Technology, and
Mechanics Solve the Most Difficult Tasks.

Customer-Specific Complete Solutions
Individual Sensor Systems

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Fast, Precise, and Unerring.
Normed Comparison of Two
Wavelength Ranges From UV-C to IR-B.

SPECTRO-2 Series
2-Channel Sensor Systems

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Optical Inspection and Measurement.
Under Extreme Conditions
with the FIO Series.

FIO Series / KL Series
Fiber Optics
Optical Frontends

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Detect, Recognise and Track What is Invisible.
With the LUMI Series.

Compact Hand-Held Units
Laboratory Measurement Systems
Inline Detectors

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The Best of Two Worlds.
Color-Gloss Inspection with Structure Detection.
Gloss Inspection with Structure Detection.

COAST Series / GLAST Series
Color-Gloss and Structure Sensors
Gloss and Structure Sensors.

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Splendid View.
Non-Contact Inline Gloss Measurement
from Various Angles.

GLOSS Series
Gloss Detection Sensors

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Inline Measuring Color Sensors with
D65 Similar Optical Spectrum.

Measuring True Color Sensors

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Eagle-Eye Precision.
Pinpoint Positioning and Measuring
with Laser and Optical Sensor Systems.

Line Sensors

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Human Vision and

But a Thousend Times Faster.

True Color Sensors (M34 Housing)
True Color Farbsensoren

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We Bring Light into the Dark.
Reliable Differentiation
also of Dark Colors.

SPECTRO-3-CL / -JR / -ANA Series
True Color Farbsensoren

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See in the dark.
Reliable Inspection also of the
Dark Side of Color Space.

SPECTRO-3-SL / -SLE / -SLA Series
True Color Sensors

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Fascinating Speed.
High-Frequency Contrast Sensors
for the UV, VIS and IR Range.

Ultrafast Contrast Sensors

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Successful Duo.
Laser Difference, Laser Thickness and Laser Position
Measurement with L-LAS-LT/TB-MS Sensors.

L-LAS-LT-MS Series / L-LAS-TB-MS Series
Laser Triangulation and Laser Through-Beam Line Sensors Master/Slave

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Superfast Positioning and Detection.
With Laser Through-Beam Method.

A-LAS Series
Analog Laser Light Barriers

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No Missed Edges or Gaps.
Edge and gap detection
with RED sensors.

RED Series
Edge detectors

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Always Focused.
Distance Measurement and Positioning
with L-LAS-LT-TM Sensors.

L-LAS-LT-TM Series
Laser Triangulation Line Sensors

Focused over Long Distances.
Distance measurement over long distances
with L-LAS-LT-XL/XXL sensors.

L-LAS-LT-XL Series / L-LAS-LT-XXL Series
Laser triangulation line sensors

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Nothing Will Escape.
Eject monitoring of smallest,
fast moving objects.

FLB Series
High-speed, high-sensitivity frame light barriers
with infrared light curtain

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Spray Jet Control from a Safe Distance.
With Fiber Optics Systems of the FIO Series.
with L-LAS-LT-XL/XXL sensors.

Spray Jet Control Systems with Fiber Optics Frontends

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