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True color sensors (Compact Line)

General technical data ....

Type Light sourceMeas. rangeDetection rangeLxWxH (mm) Data
SPECTRO-3-50-COF-d3.5-CL White-light LED, super bright30...70mmØ3.5mm at 50mm65x65x65
SPECTRO-3-50-COF-d5.5-CL White-light LED, super bright30...70mmØ5.5mm at 50mm65x65x65
SPECTRO-3-50-COF-d8.0-CL White-light LED, super bright30...70mmØ8mm at 50mm65x65x65
SPECTRO-3-50-COF-13x3-CL White-light LED, super bright30...70mm13x3mm at 50mm65x65x65
SPECTRO-3-100-COF-d3.0-CL White-light LED, super bright70...180mmØ3mm at 100mm65x65x88
SPECTRO-3-100-COF-d6.0-CL White-light LED, super bright60...240mmØ6mm at 100mm65x65x88
SPECTRO-3-100-COF-d12.0-CL White-light LED, super bright60...240mmØ12mm at 100mm65x65x88
SPECTRO-3-200-COF-d6.0-CL White-light LED, super bright100...800mmØ6mm at 200mm65x65x82
SPECTRO-3-200-COF-d12.0-CL White-light LED, super bright50...500mmØ12mm at 200mm65x65x82
SPECTRO-3-200-COF-d25.0-CL White-light LED, super bright50...500mmØ26mm at 200mm65x65x82
SPECTRO-3-300-COF-d8.0-CL White-light LED, super bright180...840mmØ7mm at 300mm65x65(Ø80)x124
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-d12.0-CL White-light LED, super bright160...1000mmØ11.5mm at 500mm65x65(Ø80)x124
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-d25.0-CL White-light LED, super bright100...1000mmØ25mm at 500mm65x65(Ø80)x124
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-d50.0-CL White-light LED, super bright100...1000mmØ58mm at 500mm65x65(Ø80)x124
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-UV-d35.0-CL UV LED, 385nm100...1000mmØ40mm at 500mm65x65(Ø80)x124
SPECTRO-3-1000-COF-d12.0-CL White-light LED, super bright200...2000mmØ12mm at 1060mm118x78x127
SPECTRO-3-1000-COF-d25.0-CL White-light LED, super bright200...2000mmØ25mm at 1100mm118x78x127
SPECTRO-3-1000-COF-d50.0-CL White-light LED, super bright200...2000mmØ50mm at 1000mm118x78x127
SPECTRO-3-1000-COF-UV-d30.0-CL UV LED, 385nm200...2000mmØ30mm at 1000mm118x78x127
SPECTRO-3-30-DIL-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, diffuse15...80mm12mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-30-DIL-d5-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, diffuse15...80mm6mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-30-FCL-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused15...100mm12mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-30-FCL-d5-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused15...100mm6mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-30-POL-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused, polarization filter15...80mm11mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-30-POL-d5-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused, polarization filter15...80mm5.5mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-30-UV-CL 9x UV LED, 375nm15...80mm15.5mm at 30mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-50-DIL-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, diffuse10...100mm20mm at 50mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-50-DIL-d5-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, diffuse10...100mm10mm at 50mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-50-FCL-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused10...150mm12mm at 50mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-50-FCL-d5-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused10...150mm6mm at 50mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-50-POL-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused, polarization filter10...100mm15m at 50mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-50-POL-d5-CL 9x white-light LED, super bright, focused, polarization filter10...100mm7.5m at 50mm65x65x42
SPECTRO-3-FIO-CL White-light LED, super bright1...500mm (dep. on fiber optics)Ø0.2...20mm or 3x0.5...6x1mm65x65x36
SPECTRO-3-30-BL/OR-CL 9x LED blue, 450nm20...40mm15.5mm at 30mm95x65x43.7
SPECTRO-3-30-GN/OR-CL 9x LED green, 525nm20...40mm15.5mm at 30mm95x65x43.7
SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-CL 24x white-light LED, super bright, focused28mm ± 1mmØ10mm100x100x40
SPECTRO-3-85-FCL-30°/30° 2 optics in an angle of each 30° to the object and with each 9x super bright white light LED, focused85mm ± 5mmØ20mm at 85mm169.2x84.9x34
SPECTRO-3-85-FCL-45°/45° 2 optics in an angle of each 45° to the object and with each 9x super bright white light LED, focused85mm ± 5mmØ20mm at 85mm204.3x108x33.8

Software Windows® PC software: SPECTRO3-Scope or SPECTRO3-COMFORT-Scope
Voltage supply +24VDC (± 10%), reserve polarity protected, overload protected
Current consumption - SPECTRO-3-...-COF-CL: <160mA
- SPECTRO-3-...-DIL-CL, -FCL-CL, -POL-CL, -UV-CL: <220mA
- SPECTRO-3-...-BL/OR, -GN/OR: <220mA
- SPECTRO-3-...-FCL-30°/30°, -FCL-45°/45°: <220mA
- SPECTRO-3-FIO-CL: <160mA
- SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-CL: <500mA
Max. switching current 100mA, short circuit proof
Switching state indication 5 yellow LEDs (OUT0...OUT4)
Input digital (1x) IN0 (0V/+24V) or teach button at the sensor housing
Outputs digital (5x) OUT0...OUT4 (0V/+24V)
Interface RS232 (USB and Ethernet adaptor available)
Pulse lengthening 0...100ms, abjustable via PC software
Averaging max. 32768 values, abjustable via PC software
Scan frequency LED operation, abjustable via PC software:
- AC operation: max. 20kHz
- DC and OFF operation: max. 35kHz
- PULSE operation: max. 5kHz
Switching frequency typ. 40kHz
SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-CL: typ. 20kHz
SPECTRO-3-85-FCL-30°/30°, SPECTRO-3-85-FCL-45°/45°: typ. 60kHz
Transmitter (light source) depends on sensor type
Transmitter control can be switched via PC software:
AC operation (LED MODE-AC),
DC operation (LED MODE-DC),
OFF operation (LED MODE-OFF)
Measuring range depends on sensor type
Receiver 3-color filter detector (TRUE COLOR), color filter curves acc. to CIE 1931
Gain Receiver gain setting:
8 steps (AMP1...AMP8), adjustable via PC software
Ambient light max. 5000 Lux
Detection range depends on sensor type
Reproducibility in x,y color range each 1 digit at 12-bit A/D conversion
Temperature drift X,Y deltaX/deltaT, deltaY/deltaT: typ. 0,2 digits/°C (< 0,01%/°C)
Color difference deltaE >= 0,5
Color space X Y INT siM (Lab)
Color memory non-volatile EEPROM with parameter sets for max. 31 colors
Housing dimensions depends on sensor type
Housing material Aluminum, anodized in black (if optics holding device: anodized)
Connectors - to PLC: 8-pole fem. connector Binder 712
- to PC: 4-pole fem. connector Binder 707
Connecting cables - to PLC: cab-las8/SPS
- to PC: cab-las4/PC, cab-4/USB or cab-4/ETH
Operating temp. range -20°C ... +55°C
Storage temp. range -20°C ... +85°C
Enclosure rating - SPECTRO-3-...-COF-CL, -DIL-CL, -FCL-CL, -POL-CL, -UV-CL:
   IP67 (optics), IP64 (electronics)
- SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-CL: IP64
EMC test acc. to DIN EN 60947-5-2