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RED Series

Laser reflected-light edge detectors

General technical data ....

Type Light sourceReference distanceWorking rangeLaser line geometryMin. height of objectLxWxH (mm) Data
RED-55-P Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)55mm50...61mmtyp. Ø 0.1mmtyp. 0.02mm190x45x68
RED-55-L Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)55mm50...61mmtyp. 0.1mmx3mmtyp. 0.02mm190x45x68
RED-60-CLS-P Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)60mm50...80mmtyp. Ø 0.1mmtyp. 0.02mm190x45x53
RED-60-CLS-L Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)60mm50...80mmtyp. 0.1mmx3mmtyp. 0.02mm190x45x53
RED-110-P Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)110mm90...130mmtyp. Ø 0.1mmtyp. 0.05mm190x45x55
RED-110-L Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)110mm90...130mmtyp. 0.1mmx3mmtyp. 0.05mm190x45x55
RED-110-P-F60 Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)110mm90...130mmtyp. Ø 0.1mm (focus at 60mm distance from the laser exit)typ. 0.05mm190x45x55
RED-110-L-F60 Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)110mm90...130mmtyp. 0.1mmx3mm (focus at a distance of 60 mm from the laser output)typ. 0.05mm190x45x55
RED-110-XL-P Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)110mm70...170mmtyp. Ø 0.1mmtyp. 0.05mm190x45x55
RED-110-XL-L Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)110mm70...170mmtyp. 0.1mmx3mmtyp. 0.05mm190x45x55
RED-200-P Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)200mm170...240mmtyp. Ø 0.1mmtyp. 0.05mm210x45x80
RED-200-L Laser, 670nm, Po<1mW (CL. 2)200mm170...240mmtyp. 0.1mmx3mmtyp. 0.05mm210x45x80

Software Windows® PC software: RED-Scope
Voltage supply +24VDC (± 10%), reversed polarity protected, overload protected
Current consumption <220mA
Max. switching current 100mA, short-circuit proof
Transmitter (light source) Semi-conductor laser, 670 nm, <1mW opt. power, AC-operation,
Laser class 2 acc. to DIN EN 60825-1:2015-07 (IEC 60825-1:2014)
Transmitter control can be switched under Windows® on PC:
AC operation (LED MODE-AC)
DC operation LED MODE-DC)
Reference distance Depends on sensor type
Laser line geometry Depends on sensor type
Working range Depends on sensor type
Scan frequency
in LED operation AC: max. 50000 Hz
in LED operation DC: max. 116500 Hz
Switching frequency max. 60 kHz
Min. height of edge Depends on sensor type
Inputs digital (2x) IN0, IN1: digital (0V/+24V)
Outputs digital (3x) OUT0, OUT1, OUT2: digital (0V/+24V)
bright-/dark-switching, can be adjusted under Windows® on PC
Output analog (1x) 0V...+10V or 4mA...20mA
Band width analog signal Typ. 90kHz (-3dB)
Laser power correction Can be adjusted under Windows® on PC
Sensitivity setting Can be adjusted under Windows® on PC
Receiver Photo diode
Optical filter 2x interference filter
Ambient light Max. 5000 Lux
Dead time Dynamic, can be adjusted under Windows® on PC
Pulse lengthening 0...100ms, can be adjusted under Windows® on PC
Averaging Max. 32768 values, can be adjusted under Windows® on PC
Switching state indicator 3 yellow LED visualize the physical state of the outputs OUT0, OUT1, OUT2
Housing dimensions Depends on sensor type
Housing material Aluminum, anodized in black
Interface RS232, parameterizable under Windows® on PC
Connectors - to PLC: 8-pole fem. connector Binder 712
- to PC: 4-pole fem. connector Binder 707
Connecting cables - to PLC: cab-las8/SPS
- to PC: cab-las4/PC, cab-4/USB or cab-4/ETH
Operating temp. range -20°C ... +50°C
Storage temp. range -20°C ... +85°C
Enclosure rating IP54
EMC test acc. to DIN EN 60947-5-2