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True color sensors (Slim Line Analog)

General technical data ....

Type Light sourceMeas. rangeDetection rangeLxWxH (mm) Data
SPECTRO-3-COF-d3.0-SLA White-light LED, super bright, diffuse10...200mmØ3mm at 75mm50x50x37
SPECTRO-3-COF-d5.0-SLA White-light LED, super bright, diffuse10...200mmØ5mm at 80mm50x50x37
SPECTRO-3-COF-d8.0-SLA White-light LED, super bright, diffuse10...200mmØ8mm at 85mm50x50x37
SPECTRO-3-COF-5x1.5-SLA White-light LED, super bright, diffuse10...200mm5mmx1.5mm at 45mm50x50x45
SPECTRO-3-DIL-SLA White-light LED, super bright, diffuse5...50mm5mm at 15mm ... 29mm at 50mm50x50x27
SPECTRO-3-FCL-SLA White-light LED, super bright, focused5...120mm5mm at 10mm ... 30mm at 100mm50x50x27
SPECTRO-3-POL-SLA White-light LED, super bright, focused, polarisation filter5...50mm3mm at 5mm ... 14mm at 50mm50x50x27
SPECTRO-3-UV-SLA UV LED, 375nm1...50mm5mm at 5mm ... 14mm at 50mm50x50x27
SPECTRO-3-FIO-SLA White-light LED, super-bright1...500mmØ0.2...20mm or 3x0.5...48x0.15mm50x50x36
SPECTRO-3-FIO-UV-SLA UV LED, 375nm1...500mmØ1.5...3mm or 3x0.5...6x1mm50x50x36
SPECTRO-3-POF-SLA White-light LED, super-bright1...500mmØ1...20mm50x50x32.5

Software Windows® PC software: SPECTRO3-SLA-Scope
Voltage supply +24VDC (± 10%), reserve polarity protected, overload protected
Current consumption <160mA
Max. switching current 100mA, short circuit proof
Input digital (1x) IN0 (Pin 3), digital (0V/+24V)
Outputs analog (3x) ANA OUT Red, ANA OUT Green, ANA OUT Blue (Pin 6,7,8):
Voltage output 0...+10V or
current output 4...20mA (R,G,B or X,Y,INT or s,i,M)
Interface RS232 (USB and Ethernet adaptor available)
Averaging max. 32768 values, abjustable via PC software
Scan frequency LED operation, abjustable via PC software:
- AC operation: max. 25kHz
- DC and OFF operation: max. 90kHz
Analog band width max. 90kHz (-3dB)
Transmitter (light source) depends on sensor type
Transmitter control can be switched via PC software:
AC operation (LED MODE-AC),
DC operation (LED MODE-DC),
OFF operation (LED MODE-OFF)
Measuring range depends on sensor type
Receiver 3-color filter detector (TRUE COLOR), color filter curves acc. to CIE 1931
Gain Receiver gain setting:
8 steps (AMP1...AMP8), adjustable via PC software
Ambient light max. 5000 Lux
Detection range depends on sensor type
Reproducibility in x,y color range each 1 digit at 12-bit A/D conversion
Temperature drift X,Y deltaX/deltaT, deltaY/deltaT: typ. 0,2 digits/°C (< 0,01%/°C)
Color difference deltaE >= 0,5
Color space X Y INT siM (Lab)
Housing dimensions depends on sensor type
Housing material Aluminum, anodized in black
Connectors - to PLC: 8-pole M12 connector Binder 713/763
- to PC: 4-pole fem. connector Binder 707
Connecting cables - to PLC: cab-M12/8-g-...-shd
- to PC: cab-las4/PC, cab-4/USB or cab-4/ETH
Operating temp. range -20°C ... +55°C
Storage temp. range -20°C ... +85°C
Enclosure rating IP64
EMC test acc. to DIN EN 60947-5-2