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Fiber optics and optical frontends
FIO Series

Fiber optics of the FIO series are suitable for color sensors and fiber optic sensors of the "-FIO" sensor type (e.g. SPECTRO-1-FIO-IR, SPECTRO-3-FIO-JR, A-LAS-CON1-FIO) in measurement and testing applications and feature high quality of workmanship and high transmission performance.   
Ground and polished fiber ends guarantee optimal optical coupling to adapted sensors. The wide range of available sensor heads allows optimal flexibility for adaptation to the most varied tasks.

Light-conducting glass fibers are optical components that allow the transmission of light through any curved path based on the principle of total reflection. The individual fiber is composed of high-break core glass and low-break cladding glass. The light beams entering the core glass within the critical angle are guided through the fiber by way of reflection at the core/cladding contact surfaces (step index fiber).

The highly flexible fiber optics are made of bundled individual glass fibers. The ends are each glued into a sensor head and a connector. The faces are optically polished. For protection against mechanical, chemical, or thermal destruction the optical fibers are provided with a corresponding protective sheath.

Fiber optics (optical fibers) offer solutions for difficult tasks in optoelectronis and are primarily used wherever compact devices are too big, too heavy, or technically unviable.
  • Universally applicable
  • Superior quality
  • Selection of various fiber types
  • Thermally stable, special sheaths for high temperatures
  • Great variety of available standard sensor heads
  • Various optical frontends (reflective optics, through-beam optics, prism optics, focus lenses) and further accessories available
  • Optionally vibration protection
  • Special designs


Fiber optics BICONE
Y-version fiber optics with two adapters
(2x 2-pin adapter: (1P+1BP)/2P)
Fiber optics similar to BICONE (special version)
Y-version fiber optics with two adapters
(2x 2-pin adapter: 2P/2P)
Fiber optics through-beam version
Transmitted-light operation (type D-…)
Fiber optics through-beam version UV
UV fiber optics
Transmitted-light operation (type D-…-22°-UV)
Fiber optics reflected-light version
Reflected-light operation (type R-…)
Fiber optics reflected-light version UV
UV fiber optics
Reflected-light operation (type R-…-22°-UV)