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Laser and reflective-light line sensors
L-LAS Series

Line cameras (L-LAS-CAM Series)
Laser distance line sensors (L-LAS-LT Series)
Reflection light line sensors (L-LAS-RL Series)
Laser transmitted light line sensors (L-LAS-TB Series)

Line sensors are applied where precise positioning is required or where the dimensions of an object have to be determined with high accuracy (e.g. diameter of a wire).
The line cameras of the L-LAS-CAM series are measurement systems that can be configured to exactly match the desired application. In addition to the electronic evaluation unit various precision lenses, filters, etc. also are available. It is furthermore possible to connect an external light unit (LU-LED-...-VIS, LU-LED-...-VIS-DIF). These measurement systems are ideal for positioning with micrometer accuracy.
The laser distance sensors of the L-LAS-LT series determine the distance or thickness of objects with highest accuracy (resolution starting from typ. 1 µm). By way of a master/slave sensor arrangement, two laser distance sensors are evaluated by a controller that is integrated in the master sensor. A special version is available for optically transparent objects (flat glass, foils, wafers).

The laser triangulation sensors of the L-LAS-LT-SL series are available in various variants with different reference distances (from 32.5 mm up to 600 mm) and in two types per variant: Either as type L-LAS-LT-SL-P with visible red laser spot (typ. Ø 0.3 mm) or as type L-LAS-LT-SL-L with visible red laser line (typ. 0.3 mm x 3 mm). Depending on the chosen variant the sensors have a measuring range from 21 mm up to 1000 mm.
The reflected-light line sensors of the L-LAS-RL series are measuring systems that work in reflected-light mode. They can cover measuring ranges from 10 mm (at an operating distance of 33 mm with L-LAS-RL-10) up to a measuring range of 40 mm (at a reference distance of 100 mm with L-LAS-RL-40).

The L-LAS-TB sensors (transmitted-light series) offer various operating widths with a resolution of up to 1536 pixels (12288 subpixels). An analog output (voltage output and current output) informs about position and size of the object. Furthermore, a digital output is available that informs about quality and position of the object.

Windows® PC software L-LAS-TB-Scope, L-LAS-LT-Scope, L-LAS-RL-Scope, L-LAS-CAM-Scope
The L-LAS sensors can be easily parameterised with the Windows® user interface. With the help of the L-LAS-TB-Scope, L-LAS-LT-Scope, L-LAS-RL-Scope or L-LAS-CAM-Scope software the following settings can be made at the sensor:

Setting of laser power or light power and type of automatic power correction, polarity of digital outputs, different evaluation modes, start of the teach process by software button, setting of tolerance ranges for monitoring the measured value.

Furthermore, various numerical and graphical measured quantities can be visualized with the L-LAS-TB-Scope software. For example, the raw data of the CCD line sensor can be displayed graphically and numerically.


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Software SensorFinder V1.1 in connection with cab-4/USB or cab-5/USB
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